Fine Arts Unternehmen is a Swiss based project established in 1999, with the aim of promoting cultural exchange and knowledge in the field of the visual arts, by producing artworks and publications, as well as by organizing exhibitions and events, in private and public spaces. The driving force behind the project is to fascinate and stimulate the public with new visual languages and narratives that represent an aesthetical and intellectual alternative to the flood of images constantly transmitted by traditional commercial film industry, media and advertising.

Fine Arts Unternehmen invites young and emerging artists, filmmakers and curators, to submit projects proposals specifically aimed at discovering fictional aspects in these so-called real scenarios, and, through a deconstructive work, at disclosing those realities that filters out the internal commercial or culture industrial interests. Since the ruling political and economic elites are permanently using the world of media and fashion to incorporate economic power or to manipulate society through ideological or political interests, deconstructing this phenomenon represents a means to allow viewers to set themselves into a condition of reception whereby they can make their own judgements on pure facts and interpret them without any duress. Deconstructing is a matter of freedom.
Our artworks are about reality as such, aren’t pure fiction nor are they based on simulations of reality.

Fine Arts Unternehmen has concentrated its activity mainly in the developments of two brands: Fine Arts Unternehmen Books, and Fine Arts Unternehmen video+film. Nearly all of the projects which have been produced found their way into big international exhibition venues, major film festivals and institutional shows.