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This is a documentary comparing the EPCOT Center in Florida and an EPCOT like KGB spy center in the former Soviet Union called GACZYNE.GACZYNE was a top secret 425 square mile zone located in a remote section of Russia divided into separate western territories U.S., England. France, Germany, Italy, etc. and each of these miniature countries were inhabited by defectors sympathetic to the communist cause. Russian spies were sent to GACZYNE in order to be “brainwashed” into becoming a new identity of the country they were to infiltrate.EPCOT: Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was Walt Disney’s lifelong ambition to create a utopian future world. It began as a top secret project labled Project X and it was created by a hand-picked team of Disney’s men in trench coats operating under false identities with a mission to buy 100 square miles in a Florida swamp and turn it into the only corporate autonomous zone in America.