Year: 2008 / Original Format: HD video, colour, stereo sound / Duration: 10:20 minutes /

This is a video documentary of the performance entitled Permit F, realised by Al Fadhil inside the “Shifting Identities” exhibition at the Zürich Kunsthaus during the summer of 2008. In permit F, the artist responding to the project in spirit, seeks to put into focus an important aspect of Swiss society today, the presence of political refugees. In fact, the Swiss Confederation is known as a land of asylum. Because of its policy of neutrality and solidarity laws, Switzerland has hosted in its cantons many people who have left their country of origin for political or religious reasons, or because they belong to certain ethnic or racial groups. In the Swiss parliament, particular laws were enacted in order to allow the temporary admittance of refugees, according to their situation. The permit granted to these refuge-seekers falls within category F.
But this is a controversial permit, which allows only limited freedom, and often its rules are not respected, and their implementation contradicts the principles of transparency and solidarity.
To realize the performance, the artist invited a group of exiles, with their friends and relatives, to a peaceful and creative public demonstration, which took the form of a march from the centre of Zürich to Kunsthaus, terminating inside the museum under the large canvasses of Ferdinand Holder.

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