Year: 2008 / Original Format: 16 mm film / Duration: 31:00 minutes /

Marguerite Yourcenar, master of evocation of the ancient world, is herself evoked here, in a literary haunting of several well-trodden Berlin locales. Excerpted from an interview with the writer in 1980, actor Jean-Baptiste Naudy reflects on the abyss between 20th century European notions of love and those of the ancients – Hadrian’s love for Antinous, the ideals of love transmitted by French novels and by literary culture in general, and Yourcenar’s transmission of those notions through her own intimate relationship with literature, with history as a material of shifting properties, consciousness, points of convergence. Playing on the borrowing of a literary tradition, updating this interview into another context, drawing out the actor’s own relation both to inhabiting the current space and conditions of the city while reflecting Yourcenar’s timeless conceptions of real and fictional love and longing.

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