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    Era Fiction
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    Luca Beatrice
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    24x27 cm
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The essay examines the numerous and always more frequent interaction between cinematographic language and visual art. Even though, usually, such “mixture” is examined under the lens of vanguard cinema, and particularly through the experiences of artist cinema at the beginning of the first decades of the 20th century, the contemporary era moves towards an always more evident contamination between these two universes, although maintaining its syntactic peculiarities. During the last years, several artists started using cinema and several movies, that include quotes and hints coming from visual arts. The work analyses the inedited relationship between these two artistic forms in the sign of fiction, because cinema is essentially a form of entertainment that sorts out throughout history: hence no more “artist movie” only focussed at the consumption of vanguard, but most of alla intersections and interchanges on a narrative level.

The book was published in spring 2004.

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