With the present project, FAU literally invites readers to a journey through the ironic, bewildering mind of the young Swiss artist Oppy De Bernardo. A glossy white box subtly reminding us of some vague yet unmistakable iconography, discloses a black and gold book that, besides being an articulate recapitulation of the artist’s imagery, mirrors the very same experience which spectators undergo by entering “Scacciapensieri”, the site-specific installation that De Bernardo has created for the Ala Est of the Museo Cantonale di Lugano.

‘Scacciapensieri is a work that compels us to complete a journey […] intended to push us to that boundary zone between life and death […] The visitor is catapulted into the unreal dimension of an architecture dominated by a pervasive whiteness that totally transforms the usual articulation of the space […] an alienating environment devoid of all spatial referents, provoking the sensation that we are detaching from earthly reality and entering a dimension of pure light, in keeping with the accounts of those who have had near-death experiences.

At the end of this journey which seems to have led us into an ultra-terrestrial dimension of pure light, we find […] the insoluble bond that joins life to death, despite their irreducible discongruity. Indeed, it is only from the death of the individual that humanity and the “preciously precarious” of which Borges speaks can come to life.’

Excerpt from the book text, by Elio Schenini.

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  • Title
  • Project by
    Fine Arts Unternehmen & Museo Cantonale di Lugano
  • Curated by
    Elio Schenini
  • Language
    Italian / English
  • Design
    Sidi Vanetti
  • Format
    20 x 21 cm (soft cover + box)
  • Illustrations
    51, b/w, gold (12, b/w, gold; 37, b/w)
  • Published
    April 2012
  • Price
    € 28
  • Codes
    ISBN-10 3-03720-017-0 ISBN-13 978-3-03720-017-9 EAN 9783037200179
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Oppy De Bernardo, born in 1970 in Locarno (CH), where he lives and works.
Amongst his solo shows and site-specific installations, we may recall “Tu con quest’acque a rinfrescarlo impara” at I Sotterranei dell’Arte (Antico Monastero delle Agostiniane, Monte Carasso, CH, 2011), “Radix” at Frohe Ussicht (Samstagern, CH, 2011), “Le invasioni barbariche” at La Rada (Locarno, CH, 2008), “Campione N. 1” at Cinema di Rialto (Locarno, 2007). His works has been featured  in collective exhibitions, amongst which “Little Constellation” at Careof DOCVA (La Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, 2011), “Che c’è di nuovo? Uno sguardo sulla scena artistica emergente in Ticino” at Museo Cantonale d’Arte (Lugano, 2010), Swiss Art Awards (Basel, 2010), International Festival of Intermedia Art Maribor (Maribor, Slovenia, 2010).
In 2008, he won, with his work Relax, the Epson-FAR Prize organized by the Antonio Ratti Foundation in Como.