Fine Arts Unternehmen AG is pleased to announce the publication of the new book by Flavio Favelli “Sala d’attesa, Pantheon”, with the artistic direction of Lavinia Marinotti.The book represents an artistic documentation and comment of the project realised by Flavio Favelli in the Certosa di Bologna and includes texts by Agostino Benassi, Francesco Amante, Flavio Gardini, Lorenzo Sassoli, Mauro Felicori, Sergio Gaetano Cofferati, Milovan Farronato, Laura Barreca, Davide Ferri, Lisa Parola e Flavio Favelli. Photographs by Dario Lasagni.

After the restoration of the Pantheon of Certosa di Bologna, which took place ten years ago, Flavio Favelli has been invited to set up the new space, that is dedicated to the celebration of funeral ceremonies which are not bound to any religion.

Flavio Favelli’s work has been dealing with the theme of interior space for a long time. The title of this project refers to a place where the single waits for transformation, where people can assembly and reflect in the moment of the passage from life to death.

Black and white marbles of irregular forms compose the floor, two banks on the sides of the room, a series of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling on different levels, a mirrored wall in front of the entrance. Every element in the space is filled with memory and symbols. Through the union of past and present, of architecture and art, of spirituality and meditation, Flavio Favelli has created a space in which people can say goodbye to their beloved and at the same time heal the rift with the idea of death and its celebration which characterises contemporary society.

The book is edited only in the original language, Italian.

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  • Title
    Sala d’attesa, Pantheon Flavio Favelli Certosa di Bologna
  • Project by
    Franco Marinotti & Flavio Favelli
  • Language
  • Pages
    124 16 pag. – 1 colour (gold) 74 pag. – 1 colour (black) 32 pag. – 4 colours
  • Format
    12x16 cm
  • Illustrations
  • Published
    July 2008
  • Codes
    ISBN-10 3-03720-012-X ISBN-13 978-3-03720-012-4 EAN 9783037200124
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