The book has been published on the occasion of “FAIR_PLAY – film & video award 2008”
(Massagno – Lugano on April 24-27, 2008).

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  • Title
    Fair_Play – film & video award 2008
  • Project by
    Play_ platform for film & video Franco Marinotti & Silvia Anna Barrilà
  • Language
  • Pages
    132 – 2 colours (yellow & black) singer stitch binding
  • Format
    15x20,5 cm
  • Illustrations
    71 black & white
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    € 18,00
  • Codes
    ISBN 9783037200117
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The aim of the festival is not just the mere screening of works, but most importantly, the joining of people who contribute to the festival, allowing time for dialogue, stimulating interconnections and cultural exchange as well as triggering debates on art and film matters, thus creating a dynamic platform for future projects. Correct environment is essential in order to gain easy access to principal and side events, and to have them concentrated within nearby areas; small cities are far less dispersive than big ones and therefore better suit the award’s multi-faced program which will easily create interest amongst the public. Screening facilities play an important role due to the award’s very specific character, always on the cutting edge between film and visual contemporary art, “debating” on context issues related to “presentation places”.
When Cinema Lux in Lugano first offered me the opportunity to host the festival in its halls, I have been immediately attracted by this very particular and quite renown cinema, both for its cultural program and its architecture, which I believe is the perfect location context to convey Fair_Play’s concept.
Lugano has an intense socio-political and cultural history. Very near both to Milan and Zürich, the city has a remarkable international background also due to its universities and of course financial institutions.
The award program requirements, both in terms of public and private structures as well as available spaces, are therefore perfectly fulfilled. Lugano’s geographic, urban and marvellous natural context create a perfect atmosphere to host the award’s events. The authorities of the city of Lugano have committed themselves and will continue to do so in the future in order to establish a very strong and internationally recognised cultural network with which the festival is of course looking forward to actively collaborate in the development of synergies. Based on the above mentioned arguments the management of the award decided to accept the offer made by Francesco Juilland and Maurice Nguyen, to bring FairPlay 2008 in Lugano at Cinema Lux Massagno.