This book is published on the occasion of “Disobedience”, an exhibition and a video station on the relationship between artistic practice and civil disobedience. It developed from a co-operation between Play_gallery for still and motion pictures, transmediale 05 and the Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien. Conceived as a diverse and constantly changing archive, the project represents a guide to the geography of civil disobedience, from the social struggles in Italy in 1977 to the recent anti-globalisation protests before and after Seattle. The project is also an atlas of the plurality of resistance tactics such as direct action, counter-information and biological disobedience. By setting in motion different signs and situations, Disobedience is presented as a network of open topics, brought together by artists, activists, film producers, philosophers and political groups. Each of them was invited to create a separate section by involving other artists and documents.

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  • Title
    Disobedience – an ongoing video library
  • Project by
    Marco Scotini
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  • Pages
  • Format
    24x30 cm
  • Illustrations
    58 black & white
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    € 8,00
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