This book is published on the occasion of “Plug in” an exhibition at Futura gallery in Prague (May 7-June 27). The project curated by Mario Rizzi involved Eija –Liisa Ahtila, Pavel Braila, Mircea Cantor, Phil Collins, Jimmie Durham, Lisa Glauer, Anna Jermolaewa, Renzo Martens, Susan Morrie, Khalil Rabah, and Jalal Toufic.

“Curating an international art exhibition in Prague in the days when Czech Republic is entering the European Union means confronting these issues and working with those artists who explore subjects such as inclusion/exclusion, community, definition of the border, relocation, migration, identity. When new member states enter the EU, they lose some borders and strengthen others. The historical dual division of Europe into East and West is giving place to a new even stronger wall between who is European, intended reductively as citizen of the European Union, and who is not, with a new complicated set of symbolic relationships. The exhibition explores these processes, as analysed in contemporary art discourse, focusing particularly on non standard creative ideas. It provides a space for representation of these views, offering the public a perspective different from the mainstream discourse.


Plug in reflects upon the new pluralistic strategies of representation in contemporary art. The exhibition contains works that relate from new esthetic perspectives to an experience of conflict – whether at a personal or social level – and others that deal with the Other in a more subliminal way. All the works chosen focus on the ‘human periphery’ with a sense of poetry.


The catalogue is a synthesis of colors, words, movements, time, illumination, images, ideas, techniques. Not a rigid reading key for the viewer-participator, who is invited to navigate, recreating the artworks through alternative pathways and personal dismantling strategies.”

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