Catalogue of group exhibition

at Galerie K & S, Berlin,

Sep. 27 – Nov. 2, 2002.



– Liz Cohen (USA)

– Philip Huyghe (B)

– Kirsten Johannsen (D)

– Uri Katzenstein (Israel)

– Park Chan-Kyong (SK)

– Vanessa Jane Phaff (NL)

– Baltazar Torres (P)


„The loss of the surface,…the loss of the border between inner and outer, between the world behind and in front of the mirror, behind and in front of the screen …“ (Slavoj Zizek, Die Pest der Phantasmen, Die Effizienz des Phantasmatischen in den neuen Medien)

is what the group exhibition Parallel Worlds, curated by Miriam Bers, investigates. The works of seven artists from seven countries — two Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart)fellows, two Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin) fellows and three Galerie K&S (Berlin) guests — deal with real and virtual worlds, medial realities

or differing societal and political systems, and integrate them into narrative associations. Here, Liz Cohen, Philip Huyghe, Kirsten Johannsen, Uri Katzenstein, Park Chan-Kyong, Vanessa Jane Phaff and Baltazar Torres confront such currently problematic areas as biogenetics, as well as the departure of the chronology and linear quality of our perception of the world. Or they call the authenticity of personality and identity structures into question. They set forth

the idea that perceived reality is situated within a context that is in itself subject to constant change.

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    Parallel Worlds Cohen, Huyghe, Katzenstein, Park, Phaff, Torres
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