The central theme of Portuguese artist Baltazar Torres’s work is the relationship between man and nature. It is, at best, an unequal relationship, with the unpredictable and unbridled power of nature evidenced time and again in the fury of floods, avalanches and tornadoes on the one hand and mankind’s irresponsible attitude towards nature and the resulting environmental pollution on the other. The artist attacks this alarming state of affairs with cynicism, while distancing himself from his subject. Torres has also created a host of miniature landscapes with buildings, vehicles and model figures, all destroyed by ‘man -made’ natural catastrophes. Torres is a professor of Art at the University of Oporto and the School of Arts of the Catholic Portuguese University. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in various European countries. His works are in private and public collections including the Salomon Foundation, Geneva. The Centro de Arte Moderno, C. Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.

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  • Title
    Baltazar Torres
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    74 + XVI
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    24x27 cm
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    67 col., 1 b/w
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    ISBN 88-8273-035-2
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