Zappalorto’s multimedial work deals with the themes of identity and duality. Whereas the installations he produced in the early nineties referred loosely to the human body, 1993 saw the beginning of a series of self-portraits.


The artist began to focus more intensely on the concepts of duality and opposites, the ‘I – you’ dichotomy inside the individual’s identity and the conflict-ridden but fundamentally harmonic unity of opposites, both on a spiritual and sexual level. In this monograph, containing selected extracts of his most significant works, the artist reflects the fracture pattern of his ego that he has been pursuing during the last years through the use of different media such as photography, video, performance and installation.

Ampelio Zappalorto is born 1956 in Vittorio Veneto (I), he lives and works in Berlin and Treviso. His work has been on show throughout Europe, both in individual and group exhibitions, including the XLV Venice Biennale.

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    Ampelio Zappalorto
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    24x27 cm
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    92 col., 1 b/w
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