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    the book by Shahram Entekhabi “One Person’s Trash is another Person’s Treasure”
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    15 x 21 cm
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    ISBN-10 3-03720-010-3 ISBN-13 978-3-03720-010-0 EAN 9783037200100

Humour & the Modern Clown / Muscles & Masculinities. A complex, intriguing object, The Book By Shahram Entekhabi. It’s hard to know how to grasp it, where to begin, on these pages that summarise the iconography of migrant males, tragicomic queens and the faceless on the margins of urban contexts, who have become the Iranian-Italian-German artist’s recognisable brand and evidence of how the only possible inhabitant of a globalised world is solely and exclusively the stateless one.
Photographs, video frames, interviews, textual interventions: materials are disseminated in a fleeting topology. Not even the title helps us. What can this book be? What does it want to be? A jotter of reflections and notes for the future? A diary of autobiographical surroundings – episodes, places, circumstances, companions? A ledger of clarifications, of showdowns? Something does indeed gain headway in those who come across this odd treasure, odd map. A perception, an empathy… The un-traceable Shahram, the leading player in a theatre of provocative masks and insolent stories, walking on the razor’s edge of homesickness for an imaginary country of origin, for a house of birth that proves to be nothing more, and nothing less, than a limit idea, an identity passed on infinitely. Theatre, self-irony, melancholy. Clown.
… and the map, is it complete?

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Entekhabi’s practice is framed within an urban setting and diffuses the idea of the urban space being a reserve for the practice and performance of the white, middle class, hetero-sexual male. He explores these ideas via a variety of performative practices, using architecture, installation and digital media. He chooses to highlight individuals who are ordinarily marginalized and made invisible or are forced into self-ghettoization from the urban domain, such as migrant communities and their cultures, particularly the communities from the Middle East and its diaspora. The question of visibility and invisibility therefore is a theme he recurrently explores within his practice.

Shahram Entekhabi (1963, Beroujerd – Iran), video and installation artist. After a wandering life which leaded to study in graphic-design at the University of Teheran, Iran, and architecture and urbanism in Perugia and Reggio Calabria, Italy, he chose Berlin as the place to live and work. His work has been the subject of many exhibitions all over the world, including the latest “IRAN INSIDE OUT” at Chelsea Art Museum (New York 2009), 10th Havana Biennial (La Havana 2009), 3rd Guangzhou Triennial at Guangdong Museum of Art (2008), “Krieg der Knöpfe (War of the Buttons. Children and the World of War)” at Landesmuseums Linz, Austria (2007), “Bare Life” at Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem 2007), “Modern, Islamic Veiling and Secular Imaginaries” at Santrallistanbul (Istanbul 2007), 3rd Busan Biennale (Busan – Korea 2006), “It’s been a long way, baby” at Bunkier Sztuki (Krakow – Poland 2006), “This Land Is My Land” at Kunsthalle Nürnberg (2006), “Entfernte Nähe. Neue Positionen Iranischer Kunst” at Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin 2004).