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    The Book by Scintilla Robina and Norberto Dalmata “As a drop of water on a k-way”
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In 2007, two artists, Marco Raparelli and Stefania Galegati, disguised as the curators Norberto Dalmata and Scintilla Robina, develop together the curatorial project for a show that later took place in Milan, at the Care-Of no-profit space, and in Berlin, at the Uqbar gallery.
All the emails they send each other and to the artists which they try to involve; all their comments on everyday life and art experiences; all the documents to fill; all the photos; all the gossip and the poetry; the newspaper articles; the grammar mistakes; the further preciosities… the whole everything, from the backstage of an exhibition, has been collected, cut out and taped by hand into a book, then glossed by
some real-authentic, very sarcastic, Raparellistyle drawings.Finally, two nonexistent curators achieve a real exhibition. And the book is both a bizarre patchwork-tale, and a cathartic parody of the art world.

The two curators exist now, with own characters, life and future projects.
Scintilla Robina is a young curator, she lives and works in New York. Supposedly, she collaborates
with some magazines such as Donna Oggi, Fitness and Culture, and is art curator of the Diesel store in New York since 2005.
Norberto Dalmata is a critic and philosopher based in Rome. Supposedly, he studied at the Modern University of Siena, collaborated with many art magazines like Brufolo and Flash Art Slovakia.

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Stefania Galegati (1973, Bagnacavallo, Ragusa – Italy), artist, video-maker, photographer, lives and works in
Palermo. Her works has been featured in major exhibitions, galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and USA, including American Academy-Rome (2009, 2006), MAR-Ravenna (2008), Futuraproject-Prague (2006, 2004), T293-Naples (2006), MACRO-Rome (2005), PS1 Contemporary Art Center, MoMa-New York (2004), World Wide Video Festival-Amsterdam (2004), Bizart-Shanghai (2002), Centre George Pompidou-Paris (2002), MART-Trento (2002), Studio DeCarlo-Milan (2001), Giò Marconi-Milan (1996). In 2009, her video “Humans” toured cities all over the world.Marco Raparelli (1975, Rome), draftsman, comics author, video-maker (stop-motion animation), lives and works in Rome. Group shows include: “Beware Of The Wolf”, American Academy, Rome 2008; “Clearly Invisible”, Consulta – Centre d’Art Santa Monica, Barcelona 2007; “Generazioni / Rigenerazioni”, CAMeC, La Spezia 2006; “3500 cm2” American Academy, Rome 2006; “Lavori in corso”, Milan 2002; “Emporio”, Via Farini, Milan 2001. Solo shows include: “Everything will be wonderful someday!”, SRISA Gallery of Contemporary Art, Florence 2009; “Il futuro non è più quello di una volta”, Umberto Di Marino Arte Contemporanea, Naples 2009; “Pina ti amo Catania”, Ugo Ferranti, Rome; “Restroom and other stories”, Sergio Tossi, Florence 2006.

Their 2007 show “As a Drop of Water on a K-way” has been displayed in Berlin (Uqbar Gallery) and Milan (Careof).