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Ikonopoesie: collaboration-works. The dialogue between the texts of the Greek poet Demosthenes Davvetas and the paintings of the Swiss artist Mathias Schauwecker is an attempt to fathom the origin of language, which at first was both word and picture.

Mathias Schauwecker Demosthenes Davvetas Ikonopoesie

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This book richly illustrates the work of Chema Alvargonzalez, Spanish artist of international acclaim who interprets, using different media (photography, videos, installations), urban landscapes and architectonic elements, focusing on their symbolic and poetic content in relation to the social-cultural context.

Chema Alvargonzalez Reflejos de ciudad

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On 11 October 2001 the exhibition IN-PRESSIONE – Artisti contemporanei nella memoria industriale curated by Mimmo Di Marzio opened in the historical space of the Officine del Gas di Bovisa in Milan.

IN-PRESSIONE Artisti contemporanei nella memoria industriale

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This book examines the latest production of the Swiss artist who studied art in Paris and continues to live and work there…


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“Fashion-fiction” finds. Ladies’ armor created to protect women from the dangers of everyday living. An artistic tease inviting viewers to an ironic and provoking dialogue which takes aim at hypocrisy and commonplaces. This is the intent of Antonio Riello’s latest project.

Antonio Riello Ladies Weapons

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The volume, richly illustrated with color images and reproductions of original projects, includes an interview with the artist as well as a bio-bibliography

GOI I’m so fast, babe I’m a skateboarder

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Work-cycle Introjections (1999-2000) by the Swiss artist Mathias Schauwecker, about whom Donald Kuspit wrote: “Schauwecker’s gestures, whether linear or colouristic, are at once brisk and delicate, lyric and urgent, innocent and knowing. In the Light Boxes they seem to swarm like bees, converging in a figurative tumble.


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D.A.R.M. is the name of a group of four German painters founded in 1989 in Dusseldorf. It is also the acronym made from the initials of their first names:
Dag Seeman, Arnim Tölke, Reinhold Braun,
Matthias Köster.

D.A.R.M Dag Seeman, Reinhold Braun, Arnim Tölke, Matthias Köster

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Gabriele Picco
May 2009

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Fine Arts Unternehmen, together with Museo Cantonale di Lugano, is glad to announce the publishing of Scacciapensieri, the book celebrating Oppy De Bernardo’s solo show taking place between April and July 2012, into the Ala Est of the Swiss museum. A deeply cinematic path through his site-specific installation, along with images from his previous works.
Text by Elio Schenini, curator of the Ala Est.

“Scacciapensieri”, the new book – by Oppy De Bernardo, in collaboration with Museo Cantonale Lugano
April 2012

€ 28