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Fine Arts Unternehmen, together with Museo Cantonale di Lugano, is glad to announce the publishing of Scacciapensieri, the book celebrating Oppy De Bernardo’s solo show taking place between April and July 2012, into the Ala Est of the Swiss museum. A deeply cinematic path through his site-specific installation, along with images from his previous works.

Text by Elio Schenini, curator of the Ala Est.

April 2012

€ 28

Fine Arts Unternehnem Books in collaboration with ARTRA, is pleased to present the new book by Jemima Stehli (born 1961) and John Hilliard (born 1945) are artists both living and working in London. Between 2001 and 2003 they produced a series of collaborative photographic works that are the subject of this book, contextualised by related pieces made individually both before and after the collaboration. The book includes texts by Mark Frances, Simon Beker and Giorgio Verzotti.

Arguments Jemima Stehli / John Hilliard
December 2009

€ 30,00

Fine Arts Unternehmen books in collaboration with Francesca Minini, is pleased to present the new book by Gabriele Picco.
An exhaustive monography on the artist’s work since 1994 till today; a selection of paintings, installations, videos and drawings guided by texts of Giorgio Verzotti and Davide Ferri, critics and independent curators both close friends and staedy followers of the artist’s activity.

Gabriele Picco
May 2009

€ 19,80

Fine Arts Unternehmen AG is pleased to announce the publication of the new book by Flavio Favelli “Sala d’attesa, Pantheon”, with the artistic direction of Lavinia Marinotti.
The book represents an artistic documentation and comment of the project realised by Flavio Favelli in the Certosa di Bologna and includes texts by Agostino Benassi, Francesco Amante, Flavio Gardini, Lorenzo Sassoli, Mauro Felicori, Sergio Gaetano Cofferati, Milovan Farronato, Laura Barreca, Davide Ferri, Lisa Parola e Flavio Favelli. Photographs by Dario Lasagni.

Sala d’attesa, Pantheon Flavio Favelli Certosa di Bologna
July 2008

Catalog of “FAIR_PLAY – film & video award 2008” which took place in Massagno – Lugano on April 24-27, 2008.

Fair_Play – film & video award 2008

€ 18,00

Catalog of “Disobedience – an ongoing video library” exhibition, a project by Marco Scotini, at “Play_gallery for still and motion pictures”, “transmediale 05” and the “Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien”.
Jan. 13th – Feb. 26th, 2005.

Disobedience – an ongoing video library

€ 8,00

This book is published on the occasion of “Plug in” an exhibition at Futura gallery in Prague (May 7-June 27). The project curated by Mario Rizzi involved Eija –Liisa Ahtila, Pavel Braila, Mircea Cantor, Phil Collins, Jimmie Durham, Lisa Glauer, Anna Jermolaewa, Renzo Martens, Susan Morrie, Khalil Rabah, and Jalal Toufic.

Plug in

€ 30,00

Catalogue of group exhibition at Galerie K & S, Berlin,
Sep. 27 – Nov. 2, 2002.
Liz Cohen (USA), Philip Huyghe (B), Kirsten Johannsen (D), Uri Katzenstein (Israel), Park Chan-Kyong (SK), Vanessa Jane Phaff (NL), Baltazar Torres (P)

Parallel Worlds Cohen, Huyghe, Katzenstein, Park, Phaff, Torres

€ 20,00

Conversation between S. Gualdi and the artist in English/German/Portuguese.

Baltazar Torres

€ 27,50

A selected choice of style: not to have any style. According to Ampelio Zappalorto (born in 1956 in Vittorio Veneto, living and working between Berlin and Treviso) art work is lacking a formal as well as constant approach helping to discriminate the works of single artists.

Ampelio Zappalorto

€ 28,50